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Aleksandr Ivanov | As a Picture



Name: Aleksandr Ivanov
Picture title: As a Picture
Category: Plants & Fungi
Occupation: Oceanologist / Photographer

Aleksandr says:
‘I was spending a spring day on the Finnish Gulf shore. The day was very windy, and, as a result, the background of my shots looked blurred, as if painted with oil paints, mostly all shades of green. I had the feeling that the colour green had conquered the world and replaced all the other colours. The sunrays, shining through the grass blades in the background, acquired some very unusual hues. Only the buds of the lily-of-the-valley did not give in, fighting to the end and retaining its natural white colour. Looking at the mosquito, which suddenly sat on the leaf, the lily-of-the-valley spread its wings and looked as if it was about to fly away.’

Technical information:
Nikon D850 
Sigma 150 mm
ISO 400
1/100 sec
Accessories: Vanguard Alta 264 AT tripod
Post processing: Adobe Photoshop CC, levels, light and contrast

Facebook: Александр Иванов
Instagram: sashokddt