Gerd A. Günther | Bass Guitar String



Name: Gerd A. Günther
Picture title: Bass Guitar String
Category: Micro
Occupation: Photomicrographer

Gerd says:
‘It is a constant enjoyment for me to explore the inner structures of common objects or materials. Using a microscope gives me the ability to visualize structures unseen with the naked eye. A guitar string is a very common object, but when you cut a longitudinal section and use a microscope illumination used for material science, the beauty of this subject is made visible.

Unfortunately, a complicated preparation is necessary to get good results. A short piece of the string is embedded in light curing resin and then ground down until the middle of the longitudinal metal wire is reached. It can then be polished with industrial diamonds.’

Technical information:
Leica microscope objective 10x
ISO 100
1/100 sec
Technique: Incident differential interference contrast
Magnification: 100x
Accessories: None
Post processing: Adobe Photoshop

Website:   www.mikroskopia.de
Instagram: mikrohiker