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Sophia Spurgin | Bejewelled



Name: Sophia Spurgin
Picture title: Bejewelled
Category: Plants & Fungi
Occupation: Retired Teacher

Sophia says:
‘I love to take macro photos of flowers, but in the winter I have to be more creative. I found some large dandelion seed heads that I had saved and put them on a black Perspex tile, which I find to be a better reflective surface than a mirror. For the background I used an iPad, which allows me to quickly change the background colours. The dandelion was given a mist of water from a fine spray bottle and surrounded by other seed heads in the background. I love the way the droplets cling to the fine mesh of the seed head, revealing details not visible to the naked eye.’

Technical information:
Canon 5D Mark III 
Lensbaby Velvet 56 with Kenko Extension Tubes
ISO 100
1/10 sec
Accessories: Manfrotto tripod with a geared head, Apple iPad for the background, black Perspex tile, fine travel water spray.
Post processing: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I loved the detail in the water droplets on the dandelion seed head but the background was too distracting, so I created a blurred layer and masked it to keep the foreground sharp. I increased the contrast and sharpness of the foreground to make it stand out more.

Instagram: daughteruptree
Facebook: sophia.spurgin
Flickr: daughteruptree
500px: sophiaspurgin