What to see at The Photography Show – Macro highlights


The Photography Show returns to Birmingham NEC this Saturday (16th March) and runs until Tuesday (19th March). For many people Birmingham is not as easy to get to as, say, London – and having just paid £80 for a ‘cheap’ day-return on the train I appreciate there are costs to consider – but, for me, the demos, talks, and opportunities to meet likeminded people make it well worth the expense and inconvenience.

This year there are a number of talks and demos aimed at close-up photographers so, cup of coffee in hand, I have studied the programme and compiled a list of potential highlights (see below). I have also included a few general talks that I believe to be of interest (some of the big name events have sold out, but there are plenty of others to attend). Many of the talks are repeated on multiple days, so be sure to check the TPS website (photographyshow.com) for exact timings etc. Most of the talks are free so arrive early to secure a seat.

If you hear of any other close-up and macro events taking part at TPS, whether on exhibitor stands, the main stages or elsewhere, please drop me a line to let me know. This is part one of a two-part entry on TPS – the second part will appear after the show and include all of the close-up gear, insight and inspiration I have uncovered at the event. 


How to Shoot Macro Successfully

EOS Training Academy

Nina Bailey 

Brian Hall


How to be a Superhero

The Great Outdoors

Photographing nature on your doorstep

Karen Thurman


Making Delicious Pictures – Storytelling and Styling for Food

Photo Live Stage

Chio Fernández


Food Photography on your Phone

Social Stage

Bea Lubas and Donna Crous


Instagram Followers: Quality over Quantity

Social Stage

Alex Benyon


Three Steps to Creating the Perfect Picture

(on multiple days)

Fujifilm Programme

Chris Weston 




The Great Outdoors

Why it’s important to work with the species of wildlife you connect with

Tesni Ward



The Art of Handheld Focus Stacking for Macro Landscape and Beyond

(on multiple days)

Canon Spotlight Stage

Oliver Wright 


Close up and Macro Photography

Behind the lens stage

John Humphrey


Close Encounters

The Great Outdoors

Alex Hyde



From Insects and Frogs to Puffins

The Great Outdoors

Victoria Hillman


Close Up and Personal

Photo Live Stage

Tina Eisen

(close-up portraits)


Marco Photography: More than Just a Photo

Fotospeed Programme

Victoria Hillman


Creating Professional Images in Your Own Home

Food photography

Nikon School Stage

Donna Crous


Building the Narrative of a Food Shoot

Photo Live Stage

Esther Ling


The Importance of Self-Initiated Projects

Pro Conference

(Need to purchase a ticket)

Alys Tomlinson


Macro with Wild Arena

Manfrotto Stand

Macro set ups to shoot