Intimate Landscape

Mel Collie | Bude Rocks



Name: Mel Collie
Picture title: Bude Rocks
Category: Intimate Landscape
Occupation: Pilates Instructor / Photographer

Mel says:
‘Bude Rocks was taken on a cold January afternoon. We had been driving back home to Cornwall from a week climbing in Snowdonia. Bude is a wonderful spot at low tide for rock patterns – you find so many colours, shapes and textures. It can sometimes look so jumbled and messy, it’s hard to detect a pattern or make sense of it all. When this happens the mind can become confused and panic. At times like this I slow down and listen to my breathing to help calm my busy mind. The detail I photographed here was found on a long, rolling piece of rock called Whales Back, carved over the years by erosion.’

Technical information:
iPhone X
ISO 50
1/120 sec
Accessories: None 
Post processing: Lightroom for minimal post processing.

Instagram: melaniecollie
Facebook: Mel Collie Photography
Flickr: melanie collie