Elizabeth A. Kazda | Cascade



Name: Elizabeth A. Kazda
Picture title: Cascade
Category: Manmade
Occupation: Artist / City Council Member

Elizabeth says:
‘In 2016, I started experimenting with the spectral light generated from a prism in sunlight as a source to light and colour various subjects for photography. For this image, I cut several 2.5 x 30cm strips of white paper and folded each strip into various angles. The paper strips were then overlapped and taped to a wood ruler, allowing me to hang them from a clamp. Black foam board was used as a background and I aimed the spectral light from the side so the light filtered through the paper folds.

My aim was to highlight all the interesting angles by creating a dramatic contrast of light and shadow along with a strong sense of movement and form.’

Technical information:
Nikon D610
Nikon 105mm macro lens
ISO 50
1.0 sec
Accessories: Tripod, geared tripod head, remote shutter release.
Post processing: The RAW image was edited in Lightroom with basic adjustments to exposure, shadows, highlights, clarity, contrast, decreased saturation, and sharpening. Photoshop was used to remove spots and small distracting features. 

Facebook: beth.kazda