Intimate Landscape

Hal Gage | Cracked Mud



Name: Hal Gage
Picture title: Cracked Mud
Category: Intimate Landscape
Occupation: Graphic designer / Photographer

Hal says:
‘While out walking in my downtown Anchorage neighborhood I have a tendency to stroll down dirt alleyways, which often feature mud puddles. On this occasion I found a few with interesting spotted patterns. In order to get a square composition (which is my preferred format), I made two images: one slightly above centre and one slightly below centre and I stitched them together later using software. In this instance, I worked the dried mud for about an hour before coming up with the image shown here. The gradual increase in the size and frequency of the cracked “cells”, and the decrease in the “spots” is what really made it for me.

The final step was the making of the print file. I use software to create a type of split toning to give my black and white images a feeling of increased depth and separation. This is why the black and white image has a slight brown tone, in this case to the darkest values, leaving the mid and high values neutral.’

Technical information:
Canon RX100
Canon 28-100mm
ISO 100 
Accessories: Tripod, remote release 
Post processing: Lightroom and Photoshop basic adjustments and split-toning.

Instagram: halgage
Twitter: halgage