Intimate Landscape

Bruno Militelli | Cryptocrystals 3



Name: Bruno Militelli
Picture title: Cryptocrystals 3
Category: Intimate Landscape
Occupation: Photographer / Entrepreneur

Bruno says:
‘This photograph is part of a series I’m working on exploring the effect of light as it passes through crystals. My aim is to celebrate the vibrant colours and incredible patterns of these crystals, and to reveal the hidden structure of nature.

This picture is of agate, a variety of translucent quartz, which is characterised by its varied colours and arrangement of parallel, straight and concentric bands. It is fascinating to me how we identify these abstract patterns and organic formations as much larger natural elements of our planet – rivers, seas, mountains, waves and beaches appear to be trapped in the tiny crystal.’

Technical information:
Fujifilm X-T2
Fuji 80mm Macro
ISO 200
1/100 sec
Accessories: Tripod and LED Panel.
Post processing: Lightroom for basic editing and Photoshop for spot removal.

Instagram: bruno.militelli
Behance: brunomilitelli