Michael Barbieri | Damselflies in Love



Name: Michael Barbieri
Picture title: Damselflies in Love
Category: Animals
Occupation: Safety consultant in agriculture

Michael says:
‘I took this photo near the Mincio river that runs near my house. I have a soft spot for dragonflies as they look so beautiful and almost appear to be smiling. The title of this picture ‘Dragonflies in Love’ is a gentle joke as dragonflies do not seem to like each other, usually attacking each other when they get too close. In order to capture this image I had to be up at dawn to take advantage of their stillness. While they are still drowsy they sometimes touch each other briefly and you can get a shot like this.’

Technical information:
Canon 700D 
Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di VC USD MACRO
ISO 100
1/8 sec
Accessories: Tripod
Post processing: Photoshop for small contrast corrections, noise reduction and white balance

Instagram: mike_astronature
Flickr: Michael Barbieri
Juza: Michael Barbieri