Tony Cooper | Damselflies Ovipositing



Name: Tony Cooper
Picture title: Damselflies Ovipositing
Category: Animals
Occupation: Geologist

Tony says:
‘I was visiting my sister-in-law’s in Shropshire for the day and took the opportunity to photograph damselflies on her pond. There were dozens of them mainly laying eggs around the edges of water lily pads, but also some pairs on more open water laying eggs on near-surface pond weed. The light was harsh, but enough reflected back to light the damselflies and the water showed good shadows. I was lucky that two pairs positioned themselves opposite each other making a near symmetrical arrangement.

I had to lie on the slabs at the side of the pond resting on my elbows to support the camera handheld about 30cm above water level and 1.6m from the damselflies, I tried to keep the camera parallel to the two pairs and used a relatively fast ISO and fast shutter speed to freeze the movement of the damselflies and to compensate for my handholding technique.’

Technical information:
Nikon D7200
Sigma 105mm DG Macro HSM f2.8 with Sigma 1.4x EX DG Apo teleconverter (equivalent lens 147mm)
ISO 400
1/400 sec
Accessories: Teleconverter
Post processing: Processed from RAW in DXO Photolab. Image straightened, cropped, contrast enhanced, shadows lightened slightly, blacks darkened slightly, some dust spots removed.

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Photocrowd: tonycooperimages