Vittorio Ricci | Dice Snake



Name: Vittorio Ricci
Picture title: Dice Snake
Category: Animals
Occupation: Traffic warden

Vittorio says:
‘In order to photograph this dice snake I had to lay on the ground with parts of my body in the cold water of a mountain creek. I took the shot during the summer while on a photo session in Beigua UNESCO Global Geopark in Italy. As a wild animal, the snake is totally free to roam everywhere and anywhere, which made it challenging to photograph! It wasn’t a very cooperative subject, but I persevered. I wanted to avoid disturbing the animal in any way, so I got down to its eye level and adopted my awkward position half in the creek and half resting on stones of various heights, shapes and sizes.’

Technical information:
Nikon D7200
Tokina 100mm macro
ISO 1000
1/125 sec
Accessories: None
Post processing: Nikon Capture NX-D, contrast, brightness, saturation, unsharp mask, white-balance, color-balance

Flickr: vricci63