Plants & Fungi

Andrew Wheatley | Fern II



Name: Andrew Wheatley
Picture title: Fern II
Category: Plants & Fungi
Occupation: Foundry Operative

Andrew says:
‘I had been wanting to capture this picture for quite some time, but finding the right fern frond was proving difficult. I love the way that in all the chaos of nature you find such beautiful geometric shapes and patterns and it is this that I most wanted to capture.

Finding the ‘perfect’ specimen with no tears or blemishes and the right shape seemed to be a never-ending search. I eventually found this one on a walk through a local wood near Luxhore in North Devon one morning in mid September. It was in great condition and the weather was perfect, slightly overcast, very little wind and just bright enough for some light to be reflected off the frond.

I set about composing my picture by putting the camera on a tripod in portrait orientation as I felt that the central spine of the frond should run diagonally through the picture to give me the correct balance to my composition. I took two or three pictures, slowly refining the composition each time until I was happy with this one. 

When I came to process the Raw file I deepened the blacks to hide the out of focus vegetation in the background, increased the whites and highlights a little to give the brighter areas a little punch, and increased the sharpening to really bring out the details of the frond. I opened the file in Silver FX Pro 2 (within Photoshop) and converted the file to B&W then back in Photoshop converted that layer into a luminosity layer and used the opacity slider to fine-tune the luminosity of the picture.’

Technical information:
Fujifilm X-Pro 1
XF 18-135mm F3.5-5.6R LM OIS WR lens
ISO 200
1/300 sec
Accessories: Tripod and cable release
Post processing: Photoshop and Silver FX Pro 2

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Facebook: Andrew Wheatley Photography
Twitter: andrew_googl