Henri Koskinen | Frogspawn



Name: Henri Koskinen
Picture title: Frogspawn
Category: Animals
Occupation: Biologist

Henri says:
‘There is a beautiful small pond near my house with crystal clear spring water.  The pond is filled with frogs every spring and it is one of my favourite spots to spend a morning with my camera. Frogspawn creates visually interesting abstract patterns when viewed really close and I wanted to create an image with a hypnotic, repetitive and undulating pattern. 

Fresh frogspawn is transparent and colourless, so reflections are needed to create surface texture. To manage the reflections, a polarizing filter was essential. Using focus bracketing, I took 30 shots with different focus points and combined the images for greater depth-of-field in the final image.’

Technical information:
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Macro + 2x Kenko Teleconverter
ISO 200
2.5 sec
Accessories: Tripod, linear polarization filter, focus bracketing with Helicon Remote 
Post processing: Helicon Filter for focus stacking and image editing

Flickr: aarnijaheka