Intimate Landscape

Don Komarechka | Frost Globe



Name: Don Komarechka
Picture title: Frost Globe
Category: Intimate Landscape
Occupation: Photographer

Don says:
‘This is a freezing soap bubble, backlit with a bright LED flashlight on a bed of snow. These are relatively large subjects compared to snowflakes, but they can contain many snowflake-like crystals swirling about on their surface as they freeze quickly into a solid mass. Only a single frame can be used – no focus stacking – due to the nature of the constantly changing structures. These freezing bubbles often look the most interesting in the moments before they are completely frozen, as if the puzzle pieces of their design are about to connect together.

No two bubbles freeze the same way, so this leads to an unending array of subjects, each unique. Hours can be spent outside blowing bubbles in the right cold, calm conditions, only pausing to come in and warm up. These images are shot with manual focus, as autofocus is notoriously unreliable in these scenarios (and the lens used doesn't even have a focusing mechanism).’

Technical information:
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro 
ISO 200
Accessories: LED flashlight for backlighting, no tripod.
Post processing: Slight cropping and basic panel adjustment in Lightroom.

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