Darron Matthews | German Wasp and Mites



Name: Darron Matthews
Picture title: German Wasp and Mites
Category: Animals
Occupation: Carpenter

Darron says:
‘I placed little drops of honey around my garden in the hope of attracting a wasp or bee. A drop on a white clematis proved too tempting for this German wasp, and I photographed it handheld while it drank. It wasn’t until I had a closer look at the images that I realised the wasp had been joined by some tiny mites.

One of the best images had a slightly out of focus antennae. Luckily it was sharp on one of the other images, allowing me to stack it on to the original picture. I de-saturated the honey at the same time, as I found it a bit too colourful and distracting. As a side note, I use a fixed focus lens with a maximum working distance of 4 inches. By swaying slightly backwards and forwards (you would hardly notice this was happening if you were watching me) and timing it right, I get a much better hit rate when taking images with this lens.’

Technical information:
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x Macro
ISO 100
1/125 sec
Accessories: Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX Speedlite
Post processing: Photoshop for minor sharpening, dodging and burning. Helicon Focus for selective stacking.

Facebook: darron.matthews.98