Kym Cox | Goldberg-0 No.24



Name: Kym Cox
Picture title: No. 9 916 Series
Category: Manmade
Occupation: Artist / Photographer

Kym says:
‘This colour photograph shows equally sized bubbles confined to a glass cylindrical tube 8mm in diameter. Bubbles enter the tube from below, each new addition pushes those inside upwards whereby they shuffle and shift to optimise the available space – this is known as “packing”.

New bubbles are round with thick, liquid walls. The liquid drains under gravity causing crystallisation into straight-sided polyhedra. Occasionally, though not always, despite conditions remaining constant, bubbles will self-organise into a regular structure. Here, an internal column of single bubbles appear as moustachioed faces encased by outer layers. The eyes are a physical attribute of the bubbles draining process, but the nose and moustache are shadows from the retort stand clamp knob! 

Ordered cylindrical structures are useful tools for research into the science of packing, which helps us to understand how things fit together for nanotechnology, molecular and biological sciences and manufacturing processes.’

Technical information:
Nikon D800E
Carl Zeiss 100mm F/2 Makro Planar ZF.2
ISO 400
1⁄60 sec 
Accessories: Tripod, Nikon extension tubes, cable release, Lee circular polarising filter.
Post processing: Lightroom and Photoshop for minor adjustments and cleaning. ‘My work is mostly used in the science imaging industry so the final images must appear as visually close to the original subject as possible. That means I do little post-processing apart from general cleaning.’

Instagram: dont_burst_my_bubble_