Mel Collie | Goldfish



Name: Mel Collie
Picture title: Goldfish
Category: Manmade
Occupation: Pilates Instructor / Photographer

Mel says:
‘Goldfish came about one cold winters day in St Ives after a walk around the harbour at low tide. I spend a lot of time in the small harbour near my home in Portreath, capturing images of the boat hulls once they are winched out of the sea for the winter, but the larger St Ives harbour has many more boats with more stories to tell.

We don’t visit often because it’s always so busy but when we do I am lost, wandering amongst the boats, their beached angles revealing the stories on their hulls. Yellow boats always catch my eye, as there aren’t any in Portreath, so this one in particular with its bright new yellow paint was my focus for a while, drawn by the “goldfish” swimming in the blue water under the golden yellow sunset.’

Technical information:
iPhone X
ISO 20
1/240 sec
Accessories: None 
Post processing: Lightroom for minimal post processing

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Facebook: Mel Collie Photography
Flickr: melanie collie