Gerd A. Günther | Greater Celandine Seed Grain



Name: Gerd A. Günther
Picture title: Greater Celandine Seed Grain
Category: Micro
Occupation: Photomicrographer

Gerd says:
‘This image shows a single seed grain of Greater Celandine, Chelidonium majus. The seeds have a white, juicy appendage on the lower part of the brownish seed grain, called elaiosome, which ants like to eat, and the seeds are dragged along to new habitats as the ants enjoy their meal. Greater celandine, or Chelidonium, has been traditionally used to treat a range of conditions including disorders of the liver and is widely available internationally. Chelidonium majus is native to rocky slopes, woodlands, waste areas and along roads in Europe – it is widely dispersed.

The extreme glossy surface of the seed made capturing an image difficult. With a darkfield illumination under the microscope it was possible to eliminate the distracting reflections.’

Technical information:
Leica microscope objective 5x
ISO 100
1/60 sec
Technique: Darkfield and focus stacking
Magnification: 50x
Accessories: None
Post processing: Helicon focus stacking software, Adobe Photoshop.

Website:   www.mikroskopia.de
Instagram: mikrohiker