Marek Miś | Hepatica Leaf Tissues



Name: Marek Miś
Picture title: Hepatica Leaf Tissues
Category: Micro

Marek says:
‘The tissues seen here are epidermis cells and stomata cells from a Hepatica leaf. If the cells are observed in bright field illumination they are not that interesting, but by using polarized light, the colourful, puzzle-like pattern of the epidermal cells is revealed.’

Technical information:
Pentax K-5
Olympus BH-2 microscope
Olympus 20x SPlan Apochromat lens
ISO 100
1/8 sec
Technique: Polarized light and focus stacking
Magnification: 50x on APSC sensor (20x objective)
Accessories: Polarizer, home made compensator cut from plastic foil.
Post processing: Photoshop Elements 10 for improving contrast, sharpness and dust cleaning.

Website:   www.mismicrophoto.com
Facebook: Mikrofotografia