Here's what you need to do to take part.

Entering Close-up Photographer of the Year is a three-step process:

  1. Pay for your entry. (Go to ENTER NOW > ENTER CUPOTY)

  2. Prepare your images for submission.

  3. Send your images to us. (Go to ENTER NOW > SEND IMAGES TO CUPOTY)

A detailed guide is provided below.

Before you enter CUPOTY

Read the rules.

Decide how many photographs you wish to enter in CUPOTY. You may enter 1 for £10, 5 for £20, 15 for £30 or 30 for £40.

Take a look at the categories to see which ones to enter your photographs into.

Pay for your entry

  • Go to ENTER NOW > ENTER CUPOTY on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

  • Select the number of pictures you wish to enter.

  • Click the PURCHASE button.

  • Fill in your details and pay with a card or through PayPal.

    • If you are paying for entry to Young CUPOTY on behalf of your son or daughter you should fill in all the fields with your own details and add their name to the Additional Information box on the Checkout page.

  • Once the payment is accepted you have entered Close-Up Photographer of the Year. Now you need to send us your pictures.

Prepare your image files

  • Resize a copy of each image so that it is:

    • 1280px or less along the longest edge

    • under 5MB in size

    • in the sRGB color space

    • without watermarks, borders or signatures

    Learn how to resize images here.

  • Though not essential, adding information to the description box of your image during file preparation gives you the opportunity to tell the judges anything interesting about the picture. Explaining what the photo is of, as well as where, when and how it was taken may add to our understanding of the image.

  • EXIF data (exposure, camera lens etc) should be kept intact where possible

  • Rename each image in the following order:

  1. the category you wish to enter (animals, plants, landscape, manmade, micro or young)

  2. your last name

  3. your first name

  4. a short picture title

Separate each word with a hyphen so that it looks like this:


  • Save the image as a JPEG file


Send your pictures to CUPOTY with WeTransfer

  • Go to ENTER NOW > SEND IMAGES TO CUPOTY on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

  • Click on the Send with WeTransfer button to go to our dedicated WeTransfer page. You will see this panel (after agreeing to WeTransfer's terms and conditions):

  • Click the plus symbol to add your images for entry. Please do not send zipped files or folders. (You may add and send all of your entries at once or one at a time until the deadline.)

  • Type in your email address, ensuring it is the same email you used for checkout in order for us to match your pictures to your payment. (The email address used should be on your receipt of payment under ‘Billed To’.)

  • Hit the Transfer button.

  • Once the image is 100% transferred it is entered into the competition and counts as one entry. It cannot be retrieved or swapped for another image.

  • You will get an email confirmation once we have downloaded your images. They will then be held securely for judging.

If you can't use WeTransfer due to geographical restrictions then please send an email to so we can arrange a different way for you to send your images.

Shortlisted photos

If any of your photos make the shortlist, you will need to send us:

  • a full sized, full resolution JPG of your entry in the sRGB color space, with detailed captions, and

  • the original unedited image file, if requested.

We will be in contact with all photographers who make the shortlist about when and how to send us these files.

Having trouble?

  • Check out the FAQ.

  • If you're stuck, need some advice or have any kind of problem email us at