Keith Trueman | Humble Bumble



Name: Keith Trueman
Picture title: Humble Bumble
Category: Animals

Keith says:
‘I’m fortunate to have a fairly large back garden planted with a variety of insect attracting, flowering plants. I have noticed that bees sit motionless in the early morning sun but I’ve never managed to capture a super close-up image I’ve been happy with. On this particular morning though everything came together: the bee’s positioning, the light, and most importantly, there wasn’t a breath of wind. I took a series of images that were then stacked together in a program called Zerene. The composite image was then imported and the final adjustments were made in Photoshop CC.

This image is a stack of a dozen images taken with a Canon 7D and MP-E 65mm lens at x2 magnification all sat on top of a Newport Linear Stage (a piece of equipment that allows you to make very small but accurate movements of the camera in a horizontal plane) and an adapted Vanguard tripod. Lighting is by way of a mixture of natural and artificial DIY diffused light.’

Technical information:
Canon 7D
Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro lens
ISO 100
1/40 sec
Accessories: Newport Linear Stage, DIY lights and adapted tripod.
Post processing: Zerene Stacker and Photoshop.

Instagram: keith _trueman
Twitter: KeithTrueman