Marek Miś | Hydra and Rotifer Conochilus



Name: Marek Miś
Picture title: Hydra and Rotifer Conochilus
Category: Micro

Marek says:
‘This image presents two aquatic invertebrates: a small Hydra and a colonial rotifer Conochilus. The sample came from a small freshwater lake in the north east of Poland near my hometown Suwałki. The Hydra was placed on the slide together with the algae filament, which it was attached to. I immediately added some drops of water from the same sample and when I focused my attention on the Hydra I noticed that there was a colonial rotifer Conochilus next to it. These two organisms created a very nice composition. If you look inside the Hydra you can see some ingested cladoceran. 

I used darkfield illumination with polarized light to get the striking colours against the black background. Capturing the constantly moving arms of the Hydra was a challenge. To freeze the motion I had to use a higher shutter speed and increase the ISO to 200.’

Technical information:
Pentax K-1
Olympus BH-2 microscope
Olympus 4 X SPlan Apochromat lens
ISO 200
1/100 sec
Technique:  Darkfield and polarized light
Magnification: 10x on APSC sensor (4x objective)
Accessories: Polarizer, home made compensator cut from plastic foil, hand made darkfield (black paper stop under condenser).
Post processing: Photoshop Elements 10 for improving contrast, sharpness, dust cleaning and for slight cropping.

Website:   www.mismicrophoto.com
Facebook: Mikrofotografia