Intimate Landscape

Lizzie Shepherd | Icicles



Name: Lizzie Shepherd
Picture title: Icicles
Category: Intimate Landscape
Occupation: Photographer

Lizzie says:
‘I love visiting the Nordic countries in winter and, typically, this involves a cross-country skiing trip, with a bit of photography on the side. On this occasion, we were visiting Abisko in Swedish Lapland and were having a day off from skiing – visiting some fun local areas with a friend instead.

After taking a few conventional photos of the icicles with a tripod, I decided it would be a great subject for some multiple exposures. The D800e didn’t allow me to use live view with multiple exposure, so I was in effect working “blind” and tried a few series of three frames stacked on top of each other, moving slightly each time. I loved the luminosity of the different layers and, working in shade on a sunny day, really enhanced the cool tones of the ice. This was the most balanced composition of the series.’

Technical information:
Nikon D800e
Nikon 70-200 f/4 at 122mm
ISO 800
1/500 sec
Accessories: None
Post processing: Lightroom and Photoshop. I also used a black & white conversion with Silver Efex Pro on a luminosity layer in Photoshop, knocked back to about 20% opacity, to bring out the miniscule textures within the ice.

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