Intimate Landscape

Simon Gakhar | Interstellar



Name: Simon Gakhar
Picture title: Interstellar
Category: Intimate Landscape
Occupation: Semi-Retired Explosion Safety Consultant

Simon says:
‘I have been creating ice macros for about three years now. When air is trapped in water it naturally forms interesting patterns as the water freezes. I have found through trial and error that you can influence the type of pattern to some extent by using different amounts of aeration in the water, or by adding fizzy water to still water before freezing. Freezing at different rates also alters the pattern. After some experimentation I found that using LED lighting, a white background and focus stacking produced some really exciting and original looking images. This image is a focus stack of 71 images re-focused manually without using a rail.’ 

Technical information:
Canon EOS 5DSR
Canon 100mm f2.8L Macro
ISO 100
1/30 sec
Accessories: Tripod, remote shutter release, Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED light, Modahaus TS-400 Tabletop Studio, syringe with cold water, Tupperware box, tap water, fizzy water, freezer.
Post processing: Helicon Focus (B mode), Silver Efex Pro, Aperture. Focus stack of 71 images in Helicon Focus with final stacked image converted to B&W with light cyanotype tone addition in Silver Efex Pro. Finished in Aperture – very minor adjustments only to final image.  

Facebook: simon.gakhar