Plants & Fungi

Rachel Chappell | Iris Waves



Name: Rachel Chappell
Picture title: Iris Waves
Category: Plants & Fungi
Occupation: NHS Quality Improvement Lead for Mental Health and Dementia (Wessex)

Rachel says:
‘I like to photograph flowers when they are a little past their best. Not only do you get more value from a vase of flowers but the slight drying out of the petals enhances the textures and creates some interesting shapes. Where this iris had started to fade it had created a series of sweeping lines arcing around the petal. I used a shallow depth-of-field to draw attention to the lines, while softly echoing the lines further back.

These flowers are a natural demonstration of contrast in the colour wheel with the blue and yellow parts making each colour appear more vibrant. It was not until I was editing on the computer that the lines reminded me of crashing waves with the band of yellow acting as a distant swathe of sand on a sunlit beach.’

Technical information:
Nikon D700
Nikon 105mm 2.8 macro 
ISO 200
1/30 sec
Accessories: Manfrotto tripod with geared head, small beer mat covered with silver tin foil to reflect light, light box, clothes peg to hold in place.
Post processing: Lightroom – crop to square format, minor adjustments to exposure and contrast.

Facebook: Rachel-Chappell-Photography