Plants & Fungi

Sandy Furniss | Morning Glory



Name: Sandy Furniss
Picture title: Morning Glory
Category: Plants & Fungi
Occupation: Retired

Sandy says:
‘I have been a keen photographer for a number of years, pursuing mainly landscape and nature subjects. In more recent times my interest in close-up photography has developed as it enables me to explore the beautiful, hidden world of nature that we so often rush past. Close-up photography helps me to stop, stand and stare, and become absorbed in the subject in a truly mindful way.

Morning glory (Ipomoea Indica) is a South American perennial. The loveliness of the flower speaks for itself but for me the enchantment is the wonderful play of light around the stigma. This photo was taken in the glasshouse of a botanic garden, where the nearby opening doors and the slight draught from people passing by proved challenging, especially as I was using a slow shutter speed.’

Technical information:
Sony Alpha 700
Tamron 90mm
ISO 400
1/4 sec
Accessories: Tripod and reflector
Post processing: Adobe Photoshop — basic image management including removal of minor blemishes and cropping.