Peter Juzak | Oxalic Acid: A Carpet Full of Floral Patterns



Name: Peter Juzak
Picture title: Oxalic Acid: A Carpet Full of Floral Patterns
Category: Micro
Occupation: Bookbinder and DTP-Publisher

Peter says:
‘I have been taking photomicrographs for over 15 years now, after a book on microphotography that I bought in 1998 aroused my curiosity. I was fascinated by the images of microcrystals in polarized light. It was another five years before I got to take my first photomicrographs with the help of slide film and a friendly pharmacist. Over the years I have moved into digital, refined my technique and expanded my equipment to include some custom made pieces for my microscope. Nowadays I behave more like a landscape photographer through the viewfinder, immersing myself in an imaginative world of landscapes, fabulous beings, and infinite beautiful variations of colours and shapes.’

Technical information:
Sony a77
JENALB-Pol from Carl Zeiss Jena microscope
GFPA 12.5x / 0.25 / oo / -A lens
ISO 50
1/100 sec
Technique: Cross polarization, no focus stacking
Magnification: 120x
Accessories: Manual flash
Post processing: Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC

Website: mikrokristalle.org
Facebook: Peter Juzak
Fotocommunity: YesZappa