David Morgan | Porcelain Crab



Name: David Morgan
Picture title: Porcelain Crab
Category: Animals
Occupation: Carpenter

David says:
‘The porcelain crab (Neopetrolisthes maculates) is sometimes known as the small dot anemone crab. It has a commensal relationship with its host carpet anemone – by keeping it clean the crab receives a safe haven. This small crab, with a body no wider than 15mm, is a filter feeder – its claws are for display and fending off other males. 

This image was taken on a dive in the Maldives, with the camera in a specialized waterproof housing and lights, at a depth of 25m. Maintaining position and neutral buoyancy in a current whilst finding such small subjects and setting up the camera can be challenging, but I have developed these skills over many years and dives. 

Time constraints are also an issue as there is only about 60 minutes worth of air in a cylinder. This means you can rarely guarantee what you will see, so you’re relying on luck to find a great subject in a part of the reef you may never have visited before, and are unlikely to visit again.’

Technical information:
Nikon D800e in a Nauticam housing
Nikon 105mm macro lens
ISO 400
1/100th  sec
Accessories: Two Inon Z240 strobes
Post processing: Minor alterations and enhancements in Lightroom and Photoshop, including brightness, clarity, dehaze, sharpening etc.

Instagram: morganphotographic