Tony Cooper | Pressed Steel Frying Pan Base



Name: Tony Cooper
Picture title: Pressed Steel Frying Pan Base
Category: Manmade
Occupation: Geologist

Tony says:
‘When I put my new frying pan on the work surface, the light through the wooden venetian blind gave the dimples on the base some attractive brown and white stripes. Before I spoilt the pan by cooking with it, I grabbed the camera and snatched a few handheld shots. I concentrated on the centre of the pan because the circular finish gave the best looking pattern. After taking numerous pictures of the pan, I felt this off-centre position was the most pleasing. The image is of a 32mm by 48mm section and each hexagon is 3.5mm across. Incidentally, the pan fries really well!’

Technical information:
Nikon D7100
Sigma 105mm DG Macro HSM f2.8
ISO 320
1/60 sec
Accessories: None – handheld
Post processing: Processed from RAW in DXO Photolab – minor straightening, cropping, contrast and vibrance adjustments.

Twitter: TonyAlabaster
Photocrowd: tonycooperimages