Billie Hughes | Rainbows and Sunstone



Name: Billie Hughes
Picture title: Rainbows and Sunstone
Category: Micro
Occupation: Gemologist

Billie says:
‘While gems and minerals are often valued for their beautiful outward appearance, their inner world can be equally stunning. When minerals form, they can trap other minerals inside, irregularities that gemologist’s term “inclusions.” These inclusions can provide insight into the geologic history of a gem or mineral.

Rainbow lattice sunstone, a type of feldspar pictured here, is valuable precisely because of its inclusions. Trapped minerals can include hematite, ilmenite, and magnetite, which form layered bands and platelets that display a rainbow of iridescent colours. This unique appearance makes these gems sought after by collectors.’

Technical information:
Canon EOS 6D with a Spot Imaging Solutions DE25TMT adapter
Olympus SZX16 microscope
Olympus SDF PLAPO 1.6 XPF lens
ISO 100
1/30 sec
Technique: Focus stacking
Magnification:  30x
Accessories: A fibre optic light source
Post processing: The image was created by focus stacking 10 photos with Helicon Focus software. Editing was done in Adobe Photoshop to make minor changes in contrast, sharpening, and vibrance of the image.

Website: www.lotusgemology.com
Instagram: billie_hughes