Heather Angel | Recently Hatched Trout Alevins



Name: Heather Angel
Picture title: Recently Hatched Trout Alevins
Category: Animals
Occupation: Wildlife Photographer / Author

Heather says:
‘I wanted to capture newly hatched trout alevins, which have a large yellow yolk sac that feeds them for the first two weeks of their life. After watching the newly hatched trout in a large tank, I realised they would look more dramatic if lit from below against a black background.

A few young fish were transferred into a small square glass tank. I make all my small tanks from glass cut by a glazier and cemented by using a bathroom sealant. This one had an extended base on opposite sides, which allowed the tank to be raised up off a table supported by wooden blocks (or books). A piece of black velvet was placed directly beneath the centre of the tank and two small flash units were angled diagonally up towards the lens, ensuring they did not shine directly into it and cause any flaring.’

Technical information:
Nikon F2
Nikon 105mm Micro-Nikkor lens
Kodachrome 25 film
1/250 sec
Accessories: Camera mounted on an overhead copying stand to look down on the trout alevins from above, a pair of small flash units and a small, bespoke glass aquarium slightly larger than the field of view.  
Post processing: None apart from removal of traces of fish faeces.

Instagram: heatherangelphotography
Twitter: angelantics