Send images

Great! You've paid for entry — if you haven't done that yet go to ENTER CUPOTY. Now you can send us your photos via the WeTransfer link below.



IMPORTANT — When sending your images via WeTransfer, please use the email address you entered at checkout so your pictures can be matched to your payment. You can find this email address on your receipt of payment under ‘Billed To’.


How to use WeTransfer

Go to our WeTransfer page.

Click the + symbol to add your image files for entry.

Type in your email address, ensuring it is the same email you used for checkout.

Hit the Transfer button.

For more information on using WeTransfer go to HOW TO ENTER.

How to prepare your image files

Each picture should be:

  • 1280px or less along the longest edge

  • under 5MB in size

  • in the sRGB colour space

  • without watermarks, borders or signatures

  • renamed as: category entered-your last name-your first name-a short title
    e.g. animals-smith-john-morning-brimstone

  • saved as a JPEG

  • not zipped or in a folder

For more information on preparing your image files go to HOW TO ENTER.