Petar Sabol | Swallowtail Beauty



Name: Petar Sabol
Picture title: Swallowtail Beauty
Category: Animals
Occupation: Photographer

Petar says:
‘I had spent the morning looking for some macro subjects but couldn’t find anything interesting. Disappointed, I decided to go back home. As soon as I put my gear into the trunk of the car, I spotted this beautiful swallowtail butterfly bathing in the sun. I quickly grabbed my gear again and carefully crept up to the butterfly with my camera and tripod. I remained some distance from the butterfly in order to get a nice background blur. I opted for an aperture of f/5 to strike a balance between the sharp subject and the pleasing background. ’

Technical information:
Sony a99V
Sigma 180/3.5 EX DG MACRO 
ISO 50
1/60 sec
Accessories: Tripod
Post processing: Basic RAW editing, white balance adjustment, sharpening, contrast and brightness.

Instagram: petarsharpeyesabol
Facebook: PetarSabolSharpeyePhotography  sharpeyew1