Kif Liakath-Ali | The Inner Artwork of a Mouse Eyelid



Name: Kif Liakath-Ali
Picture title: The Inner Artwork of a Mouse Eyelid
Category: Micro
Occupation: Research Fellow

Kif says:
‘Most mammals have an eyelid to protect the eyes, but the development of an eyelid during embryogenesis is a remarkable process. Mice are born with fused eyelids and the two lids start to separate in the days shortly after birth. To capture the tissue architecture of the fused eyelid of a newborn mouse, the tissue was stained for proteins that are present in the hair follicles and the epidermis of the skin. Using confocal microscopy, the hair follicle and epidermal cells are shown in red and the cell nuclei in blue.’

Technical information:
Nikon A1R Confocal microscope 
Technique: Confocal microscopy
Magnification: 20x
Post processing: Multi stack confocal image captured and processed using NIS-Elements software (Nikon). Adobe Photoshop was used to enhance the size and quality of the image.

Website: https://profiles.stanford.edu/Kif%20Liakath-Ali
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Twitter: KifLiakathAli