Edwin Giesbers | Wake Up (with First Light)



Name: Edwin Giesbers
Picture title: Wake Up (with First Light)
Category: Animals
Occupation: Nature photographer

Edwin says:
‘This image of an orange tip butterfly was made in the grasslands of De Bruuk nature reserve in the Netherlands. In April you will find many orange tips here and, later in the year, some rare small pearl-bordered fritillaries. The butterflies sleep at night amongst the vegetation with their wings closed. As soon as the morning sun hits the wet grassland they open their wings to warm up. At this point you can see the orange spots on the male butterfly. When this happens they fly away looking for females. For me, the butterfly is the bringer of spring. When the plants start to flower and the trees and shrubs turn green, this butterfly is one of the first to appear. 

To photograph them well you need to know where they sleep. It’s best to look for them before sunrise and photograph them as soon as it becomes light. If it gets hot quickly you have to work fast because the butterflies will disappear earlier. ’

Technical information:
Nikon D750
Tamron 2.8/90mm macro
ISO 500
1/1000 sec
Accessories: None – handheld
Post processing: Adobe Photoshop, slight white balance correction

Instagram: edwin_giesbers
Facebook: Giesbers.Photography