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Jane Simmonds | Winter Oakmoss



Name: Jane Simmonds
Picture title: Winter Oakmoss
Category: Plants & Fungi
Occupation: Web Administrator

Jane says:
‘I enjoy using my phone to make abstract images of things I collect on my daily walks in the woods where I live in the Forest of Dean. Back in January, on a dreary winter’s day, I was drawn to the delicate, branched shapes and silvery green colour of the oakmoss lichen I saw on the twigs and branches. I picked up a few smallpieces that had been blown to the ground and took them home. I normally use a light pad to photograph the things I collect but this did not work with the lichen so I placed it on a piece of slate tile (which produced a nice textured background) instead. I made a series of images using my iPhone and then experimented with blending them ‘in camera’ using the PhotoSplit app, which has a multiple exposure mode. I tried various blending modes to get a final result that appealed to me.’

Technical information:
iPhone 7 plus
ISO 100
1/17 sec
Accessories: Nothing
Post processing: I imported the multiple exposure image I liked best into Lightroom for small, final adjustments (the white balance was slightly adjusted to give a cooler, more wintery feel and small adjustments were made to highlights/shadows etc). 

Instagram: janesimmonds31
Twitter: JaneESimmonds
Flickr: Jane Simmonds