Intimate Landscape

Jane Simmonds | Winter Reed Reflections



Name: Jane Simmonds
Picture title: Winter Reed Reflections
Category: Intimate Landscape
Occupation: Web Administrator

Jane says:
‘This is an in-camera multiple exposure of some winter reeds reflected in the water of a lake in the Forest of Dean where I walk regularly. I’ve blended three or four images together and shifted the colour tones by changing the white balance throughout the sequence of images. The base image of the sequence was an ICM (intentional camera movement) image of ripples on the water – the reed images were then added on top. 

This type of image needs a lot of experimentation so there were many failed attempts before I liked what I saw on the back of my camera screen. I probably spent about an hour looking at this same patch of reeds.’

Technical information:
Canon EOS-R
Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5.6L
ISO 1600
1/30 sec
Accessories: None
Post processing: Edited in Lightroom (very slight crop, minor adjustments to white balance and contrast).

Instagram: janesimmonds31
Twitter: JaneESimmonds
Flickr: Jane Simmonds