Intimate Landscape

Nora Kirkbak | Winter Sun



Name: Nora Kirkbak
Picture title: Winter Sun
Category: Intimate Landscape
Occupation: Retired Graphic Designer

Nora says:
‘When it comes to photography I have two main interests: sand patterns and flies. To indulge the first I visit beaches on the island of Vigra outside Alesund on the west coast of Norway where I live. This photograph was taken in January some years ago on a beach called Roaldsanden.

A picture like this depends on the light, how low the sun is, the angle you choose, the reflections from the sky, and so on. I love the light during winter, but we only get a few hours of daylight during the darkest period of the year, and the tide has to correspond with the lightest hours.

It’s usually cold, windy and wet, so I use plastic bags on my knees, and I’ve bought a pair of wellington boots that are three sizes too big, so I can put extra socks on in an effort to keep the cold out.’

Technical information:
Nikon D800
AF-S Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5
ISO 100
1⁄8 sec
Accessories: Tripod
Post processing: Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop for minor adjustments and cleaning. I made an extra layer in Photoshopo to darken the foreground a little.

Instagram: nora.kirkbak