3rd Place

Ian Gilmour | Bristles



Name: Ian Gilmour
Picture title: Bristles
Category: Manmade
Occupation: Retired Textile Designer

Ian says:
‘I shot this close-up of a bath brush near my bathroom’s window so as to make the most of the natural daylight. I used a Pentax K3 camera mounted on a tripod with a remote control to prevent any camera shake. The weather outside was windy with fast moving clouds and the light kept changing every time I took a shot. After several captures, all with varying lighting because of the clouds and sunshine, I eventually settled for this one, when the clouds had moved in front of the sun, giving a nice evenly diffused light.’

Technical information:
Pentax K3
Venus Laowa 2:1 60mm super macro
ISO 160
0.8 secs
Accessories: Manfrotto tripod and Pentax remote
Post processing: Photoshop CS5 for general sharpening, slight cropping and tweaking the white balance for a little extra warmth.