If you can't find an answer to your question here, the RULES and HOW TO ENTER pages may help. If not, drop us a line through our CONTACT page.

How do you define a close-up photograph?

Any image that shows the subject closer and in greater detail than would be seen with the naked eye is counted as a close-up photograph and can be entered in the competition. If in doubt, please email a low-res image to hello@cupoty.com before entering.

How do you define a micro photograph?

Any image that has been taken with a microscope (light, electron or probe scanner) is defined as a micro photograph and can be entered into the Micro category of the competition.

When is the closing date of the competition?

The official closing date of the competition is February 28th 2019 at 23:59 (GMT). You may purchase your competition entry from ENTER CUPOTY at anytime before then. There is an additional seven-day window after the closing date to allow you to send your pictures if you haven’t already done so.

How do I enter the competition?

You need to pay for your entry first at ENTER CUPOTY. Then you need to send us your image files by visiting SEND IMAGES TO CUPOTY.

How many categories can I enter?

If you enter more than one picture you can spread your entries across all of the categories. For example, you could purchase five entries and enter 2 in Animals, 2 in Plants & fungi and 1 in Intimate landscape. If you are 17 or under, you can only enter the Young CUPOTY category.

What category should I enter my picture in?

Any subject should be able to find a home in one of the categories. Sometimes it may not be obvious, or the image could go into two or three categories. If in doubt, select the category according to the main subject or focus point of the photo. If you are still unsure, please email a low-res image to hello@cupoty.com before entering.

Can I enter more than 5 images but less than 15?

Yes you can. If you purchase entry for 15 images but only want to enter 12, that's completely fine. Likewise, if you want to enter 3 pictures, you'll need to pay for the entry of 5 images.

Do I have to send my pictures as soon as I pay for entry?

You can send your pictures at any time from the moment you pay to enter until exactly seven days after the closing date. You may send them all at once, or over a period of time but please bear in mind you cannot substitute or withdraw a picture once it has been sent.

What size should the images be for entry?

Each image should be no larger than 1280px on the longest edge at 72ppi (pixels/inch) and less than 5MB in file size. See PREPARING YOUR IMAGES for details on how to do this with image editing software.

How should I label my image file for upload?

You need to label your files in this order, separated by hyphens:

  1. Category (Animals, Plants, Landscape, Manmade, Micro or Young.)

  2. Surname

  3. Forename

  4. A short picture title

For example:


Why should I fill in the description or caption box during image editing?

The Judges will be grateful for any extra information that helps to explain what the photograph is of, as well as where, when and how the photograph was taken. Any post-processing or manipulation should be mentioned here. Please do not include your name in the caption or description.

How do I fill in the description or caption box during image editing?

Lightroom: Library module > Metadata tab > Caption.

Photoshop: File > File info > Description.

Phase One Capture One: Metadata tab in Toolbar > IPTC-Content > Description.

How do I pay to enter?

Go to ENTER CUPOTY. Select the number of pictures you want to enter and click Purchase. Fill in your details. Payments are taken through PayPal or Stripe, so you can either pay with your PayPal account or with a bank or credit card.

How do I send you my images?

Images should be sent through our dedicated WeTransfer page, which can be accessed via SEND IMAGES TO CUPOTY.

How do I use WeTransfer?

Click the + symbol to add your image files, then type in your email address. Hit the Transfer button to send the images. Please make sure it’s the same email address you used when you paid to enter. Detailed information can be found under ‘Send your pictures to CUPOTY with WeTransfer’ on the HOW TO ENTER page.

I can't use WeTransfer in my country, what should I do?

Please send an email to enter@cupoty.com so we can arrange a different way for you to send your images.

What happens to the copyright of my picture?

You retain the copyright and intellectual property rights of the picture. By entering the competition, you allow CUPOTY to use the picture to help publicise and promote the competition. Please read the rules for more information.

Can any nationality enter?

Absolutely. It doesn't matter where you come from or are currently living, you may enter Close-up Photographer of the Year. You do need to have access to the internet though.

I live outside the UK, can I get my prize money in a currency that is not GBP?

Sorry, the prize money is awarded as Pounds Sterling (GBP). We will make it as efficient as possible for you to receive the prize money, with as little lost in transaction fees as possible. 

Does it matter when I took the photograph?

No, there is no date restriction on when the picture was taken.

Can I enter a photograph that has been entered into another competition?

Yes, that’s fine by us but you may need to check the other competition’s rules.