Plants & Fungi

Perdita Petzl | Ladies Gathering



Name: Perdita Petzl
Picture title: Ladies Gathering
Category: Plants & Fungi
Occupation: Photographer

Perdita says:
‘Usually I shoot photos in the early morning around sunrise, because of the soft morning light. This photo however, was shot at 9:00am on a beautiful and sunny morning in October. I found this lovely group of cyclamen during my vacation in Tuscany, Italy in the garden woods of my host. 

To get an interesting look I shot this picture through a small group of cyclamen standing in front of my subject – a single flower. It was a challenge to find the right camera position to photograph through the plants and get a sharp main motif. The beautiful and soft bokeh is a result of backlight, using a wide open aperture and the surrounding oak trees.’

Technical information:
Canon 5d mark III
Canon EF 100 f/2.8 Macro USM
ISO 250
1/500 sec
Accessories: Beanbag, remote release
Post processing: Lightroom and Photoshop for basic post-processing: RAW development, tonal correction, white balancing, denoise, sharpening.

Instagram: perdita_petzl
Twitter: PerditaPetzl
Facebook: NaturfotografiePetzl
500px: p_petzl