2nd Place

Henrik Spranz | Flower Meadow



Name: Henrik Spranz
Picture title: Flower Meadow
Category: Animals
Occupation: Software developer

Henrik says:
‘This photo shows an Alpine heath butterfly at 1800 meters above sea level on an alpine meadow near the Grossglockner in Austria. It was shot at 7:53am on a sunny morning with some haze in the sky. 

I used a diffuser to cast a soft shadow on the butterfly to optimise exposure and to avoid any harsh contrasts and reflections. Plant clamps were used to bend some flowers into the fore- and background to get the flower meadow bokeh I wanted. Using a wide-open aperture contributed to the softness of the bokeh but also made it a challenge to capture the butterfly in the shallow depth-of-field.’

Technical information:
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Sigma 180 mm F2.8 EX APO Macro OS HSM
ISO 400
1/200 sec
Accessories: Berlebach mini tripod, Sirui K-30x ball head.
Post processing: Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop, basic RAW development, tonal correction, white balancing de-noising, sharpening.

Instagram: henrik_spranz
Twitter: fotomat_at
Facebook: fotomat
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