Jo Angell | Inquisitive Zebra Spider



Name: Jo Angell
Picture title: Inquisitive Zebra Spider
Category: Animals
Occupation: Early Years Pre-school Practitioner

Jo says:
‘It was a warm day and I’d noticed how active the bees were around the bughouse in my back garden. I had some spare time on my hands so I positioned a chair in line with the house and sat and watched the bees for a while. Some of them were in the bamboo sticks, and I had several little faces staring right back at me. I took some pictures, but as I watched I noticed a zebra spider moving in and out of the different areas of the bughouse.

Zebra spiders are quite small (around 7mm), so getting them in focus can be quite tricky. When they move they can be too quick to follow with the camera, so I find waiting until they pause to be the best option. However, more often than not they turn, or I am at the wrong angle! This is where the three P’s come in: patience, persistence and practice. I watched as the zebra spider made its way down the bamboo stick and finally paused, in a wonderful position just looking out of the hole.’

Technical information:
Canon 7D Mark II
Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM
ISO 2500
Accessories: None, shot handheld.
Post processing: Lightroom, image cropped for better composition and small adjustments made to exposure.

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