2nd Place

Leonardo Capradossi | Knotted Blonde Hair



Name: Leonardo Capradossi
Picture title: Knotted Blonde Hair
Category: Micro
Occupation: Biotechnology student

Leonardo says:
‘The human hair in this image is enlarged about 200x, making the keratin scales on the outer surface clearly visible. To fill the frame and to create an original picture, I decided to knot the hair in the shape of a pretzel.

I didn’t use microscope slides for this image, but because the hair is so thin and susceptible to the smallest vibrations I had to make a special fixing support. I used an optical microscope to capture the picture with an external flash and a specialised, 3D printed diffuser. Focus stacking was crucial to the picture, and 85 shots were needed to get the whole subject in focus.’

Technical information:
Nikon d3300
Olympus LMPlanFl 20x 0.40 bd
ISO 100
Technique: Darkfield, reflected light and focus stacking (85 shots).
Magnification: 200x magnification (RR 20:1).
Accessories: Episcopic microscope and a diffused flash (Nikon sb700) for the reflected light.
Post processing: Adobe Lightroom for the basic adjustments and Zerene stacker for the stacking process.

Instagram: _leonardo_96
Facebook:  Microplanet