Marek Miś | Sugar and Salt Mixture Crystals



Name: Marek Miś
Picture title: Sugar and Salt Mixture Crystals
Category: Micro

Marek says:
‘I prepared a concentrated solution of water, sugar and salt on a microscope slide and left it for several hours until the water had evaporated. In amongst the many tiny crystals of the whitish substance left behind were a few larger crystals. The centre of one of them became this image. I was drawn to the three-dimensional impression of the structure as it seemed to be pulling me inside.’

Technical information:
Pentax K10D
Lumipan, Carl Zeiss Jena microscope with Olympus 10x SPlan Apochromat
ISO 100
1/2 sec
Technique:  Helicon Focus stacking, polarized light
Magnification: 25x on APSC sensor (10x objective)
Accessories: Polarizer, home made compensator cut from plastic foil
Post processing: Helicon Focus for extending the depth of field, Photoshop Elements 10 for improving contrast, sharpness and for dust cleaning

Website:   www.mismicrophoto.com
Facebook: Mikrofotografia